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Marijuana Urine Screen Test Cassettes and Strips
THC (Marijuana) Rapid Screening Test Cassettes    

Marijuana Urine Screen Test Cassettes and Strips

IVD Marijuana Drug Test Devices-CE Marked

Marijuana urine screen tests are a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the detection of Marijuana (THC) and its metabolites in human urine samples at a cut-off concentration value of 50 ng/mL. THC drug tests use selected specific monoclonal antibody to detect elevated levels of marijuana drug and its metabolites in urine specimens. Our CE marked Marijuana tests can be used as marijuana home-test devices, and also can be used in point of care circumstances such as pre-employment tests.

One-step Marijuana tests are an immunoassay based on the principle of competitive binding. Marijuana rapid tests yield positive results when the concentration of ecstasy drug and its metabolites in urine sample are higher than the cut-off value of this drug test device-50 ng/mL. In this case, there is only one pink line appear on the control region on the THC drug tests. For samples in which the drug concentration is less than the cut-off, marijuana urine tests give a negative result: two lines appear in the test and control regions repectively. Our company would like to supply Marijuana Screen Test devices in bulk at very competitive prices.

  THC (Marijuana) Rapid Screening Test Devices    
  • THC screen tests are highly sensitive and specific;
  • Marijuana immunoassay test results are read visually without the need for other instrumentation or reagent;
  • Marijuana urine cards are intended for IVD use only;
  • Marijuana screening test devices are available in both strip and cassette styles, and also is also one selective parameter of Multi DOA test panel;
  • Our Rapid Marijuana tests are CE marked products.

Catalog No.

Product Name


Performance Characteristics

Reading time

THC 6031

Marijuana Urine Strip

1 Test/Pack
100 Packs/Outer

50 ng/ml

Read results after 10 minutes.
Results after 10 minutes are not valid

THC 6032

Marijuana Urine Cassette

1 Test/Pack
25 Packs/Outer

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