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Mycoplasma Pneumonia (MP) Test Cassette
M.Pneumonia Test Cassettes    

Mycoplasma Pneumonia (MP) Antibody Test

One-step M. Pneumonia Test Cassette - Test Principle

With a rapid mycoplasma pneumonia test, when the serum sample is added to the sample well of the M.Pneumonia test cassette, if there is M.Pneumonia antibody, it will react with the anti-human M.Pneumonia antibody, and chemical complexes will ermerge. Then the complexes will move on to the test region (T) chromatographically, where immobilized recombinant MP antigen is coated. The complexes will be captured by this antigen, and complexes of double sandwich structure will emerge. A red or pink line will appear, indicating a positive result. The unbounded complex moves on to the control region (C), where they are captured by HAMAs, and a red line will also appear, indicating the assay is a valid one. So the control line provides an internal quality control mechanism.

        Mycoplasma pneumonia Introduction    
  Myoplasma Pneumonia Tests    

Mycoplasma pneumonia is an important etiological agent of community acquired infections of upper and lower respiratory tracts in children and adults, which is mainly atypical pneumonia. M. pneumoniae has been reported as the cause of 25-30 % of all community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) cases. This pathogen has also been associated with non respiratory diseases as meningitis, encephalitis, pancreatitis or arthritis. More positive cases were seen between spring and early summer and in cases aged 70 years or more, especially those over 80 years old.

The identification of the M. pneumoniae will help the administration of the disease with appropriate antibiotic treatment. This M.Pneumonia (MP) immunoassay of is intended to detect M.Pneumonia antibody qualitatively. Because this one-step M.Pneumonia rapid test is easy to carry out, it is widely used as a screening test device and as an aid in the diagnostics of Mycoplasma Pneumoniae disease.


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MP 481

M.Pneumonia screen test

25 Tests/Box
40 Boxes/Carton

Serum or Plasma

Read results within 10 - 20 minutes

At room temperature
(2 ~ 30°C)

18 Months

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